Documents Inédits sur l’Histoire de France


Conservator: Patrick Layton
Date: 07/8/2017
Title: Documents Inédits sur l’Histoire de France, vol. 48, pt. 3, 5, and 7
Owner: Brigham Young University, Harold B. Lee Library
Description: ¼ bound tan leather spine, marbled paper on cover

  1. pt. 3. 225x276x37 mm
  2. pt. 5. 225x276x45 mm
  3. pt. 7. 225x276x43 mm

Condition Report

  • Joint broken
  • missing a portion of the spine

Completed Treatment

  • .1 mm mulberry Japanese paper and diluted PVA reinforcing Joint
  • Filled in  missing spine piece with same tissue
  • Toned to match spine with diluted acrylic paint
  • Renaissance wax added to the tissue after toning to help the paper to look more leather and to help seal the color