Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte


Conservator: Patrick Layton
Date: 14/1/2016
Title: Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte
Owner: Brigham Young University, Harold B. Lee Library
Description: Leather oversewn book, gold gilt in pressed designs front/back covers and spine
Dimensions (w x h x d): 152x229x32 mm

Condition Report

  • Board covers separating from spine
  • Spine detached

Completed Treatment

  • Cleaned glue from spine, found the book to be over-sewn
  • Lifted board edges on interior
  • Sewed a cloth hinge to the spine on both the front and back of book
  • Glued cloth hinge under lifted board
  • Made a spine tube for the spine
  • Reattached original spine on the spine tube
  • Toned heavy Japanese tissue to match red leather
  • Glued toned tissue to the joint
  • Added renaissance wax to the tissue to match sheen of leather