Panorama of Cape Town

Treatment Report

Conservator: Patrick Layton
Date: 25/11/15
Panorama of Cape Town and Surrounding Areas
Dimensions (wxhxd): 

Condition Report:

  • Mat Burn
  • Scarf tears
  • Tide-lines
  • Foxing

Completed Treatment:

  • Dry cleaned Recto and Verso with soft bristle brush and a dry cleaning pad
  • Vacuumed dust off through spun polyester
  • Ph test showed acidic, lignin test showed no lignin
  • No transfer on ink with water droplet test
  • Washed in room temperature distilled water
  • Added a .5% CMC solution to the deacidification solution (Calicum Hydroxide)
  • Started whitening process and the piece delaminated
  • After whitening process, process was halted with a wash and the separated areas were worked back together with a bone folder and release tissue
  • Fill losses were prepped with 42g Mulberry paper and a gouache paint
  • Piece was lined with 42g Mulberry Japanese paper adhered with a 3% CMC solution
  • Fill losses added to piece and then the piece was dried