The Latter-Day Saints Psalmody


Conservator: Patrick Layton
Date: 16/11/2016
Title: The Latter-Day Saints Psalmody
Owner: Brigham Young University, Harold B. Lee Library
Description: Book bound in brown cloth and leather
Dimensions (w x h x d): 155x210x25 mm

Condition Report

  • Sewing broken
  • Spine detached from boards
  • Signature torn fully

Completed Treatment

  • Took sewing apart
  • Repaired torn signature using thinned wheat starch paste on scarf tears
  • Guarded spine folds (Japanese paper and paste)
  • Resewed book together using undyed linen thread
  • Lifted endsheets and adhered airplane cotton to remake the case
  • Treated Japanese tissue with Methylcellulose to reduce the feathering
  • Lifted cloth to attach toned Japanese paper to reattach the spine
  • Added Renaissance Wax to toned tissue to replicate the leather look

Changes I would make now:
I would trim up the loose threads that are seen, this project was on a librarians private book so I worked to their personal preference for the repair.